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The Good Old Days

While vacationing this week, I was wandering through an antique shop. Browsing through room after winding room of the old house, I ran across some items that brought back somewhat fond memories of my childhood. Not sure what that says about my age, but we won’t linger on that.

In one corner was an old wooden coke crate that was once used to carry the glass bottle sodas from the truck to the store. I remembered stacking them and making “huts” and so forth. In another corner was an old gas heater. Yes, the first home I lived in was heated with one like it. I still vaguely remember it. My home church as a child had basement classrooms heated that way as well. It was a fond memory.

Often we think of the “good ole days” as a time better than the present, and maybe some things are, but we would probably change our minds if we could actually go back to them. Just like the horse and buggy used to be a fabulous mode of transportation. Things have to change.

Paul mentions this in Philippians 3:13. Usually we use this verse in respect to leaving the sin, mistakes, failures, disappointments of the past behind. But it can also refer to leaving the successes and good things behind. Not forgetting them. We should remember valuable lessons from the negatives and the positives in our lives, but only as we look forward.

Don’t cling to the good old days be it a job, a person, or things. Let God do something new in your life.


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