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The Perfect Conference Experience

For years I have listened to conference/camp goers comment on their experience upon return. “Man, the speaker was great. He (She) just really laid it out there.” “I loved the worship. So and so lead us to the Throne.”

You hear raves about how the conference leaders put the focus on God and made it all about Him. But is that really what happens? The thought occurred to me that if that is the case, wouldn’t we come back from a conference raving about God instead of the one trying to teach us about Him? I began to envision the perfect conference experience as coming back home and not being able to stop talking about how great God is. How much we love Him. How wonderful that special time with Him was. And how we want more of it.

I’m just a guilty as the next person. I’ve heard great speakers and been lead in worship by the one and only Darlene Zschech. Our worship can be genuine. Our lives can be changed. But somewhere in all that we end up basically giving glory to the ones who helped us get there.

So I wonder if we as humans are capable of seeing past the person on stage and focusing only on the one we’re there to worship? Do we allow those in the “spotlight” to be transparent?


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