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My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.


I was sitting in a meeting the other day when the man in charge began to vent a little about all the uncertainty we are having to deal with right now. Very few people have avoided the effects of the current economic downturn. Add to that all the natural disasters that have occurred in recent years and you get a pretty tumultuous scenario.

I thought about his comments and my own life. All the plans I had that just aren’t working out, or at least don’t appear to be. We view uncertainty as a negative, but in reality it’s just life. Nothing in life is certain. In fact, we are told in James 4:13-17 that it is a sin to speak of our plans confidently as if we know they are going to take place.

After first studying that passage several years ago, I began to think twice before stating, “Oh, I’m gonna do this or that.” I realized everything was subject to change.

The other side of that that I am currently trying to learn is not just living with the understanding that nothing is certain, but living with uncertainty itself. Not even being able to have plans because things are so up in the air. It’s an uncomfortable place, but it’s reality and it’s life.

Now whenever I start to feel uneasy with not knowing, I remind myself that nothing in life is certain except that I am God’s and He is mine. That’s how it is supposed to be. That’s how it needs to be.


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One thought on “Uncertainty

  1. Angela, this is beautifully written. The older I get, I realize how true this passage is for we are only here for a short time. May we do our best for the Lord while we are here and trust him for our tomorrow’s

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