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How Stubborn Can We Be?

Of all the plagues and tortures that will be poured out at the end of time, it is amazing that people will still refuse to repent, acknowledge God for who He is, and worship Him (Rev 9:20-21, Rev 16:9 & 21). I mean, please, how much evidence of His power and supremacy do you need? It is hard to imagine being that deceived or just plain angry.

But in a way, we do it every day. Most of us are stubborn at times about repenting. I don’t mean saying, “I’m sorry God, forgive me.” I mean true repentance. And even more so than that, most of us are very stubborn about letting go of our plans and ideas and accepting God’s, especially when we don’t know what God’s is.

Selfishness and fear often block the door of progress to a better life. Whether that better life be eternity in heaven or being all we can be in Christ while still here on Earth, we’ll never get there until we stop resisting God and His will for us.


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One thought on “How Stubborn Can We Be?

  1. Hi there, I came across your blog and I just wanted to say thank you for posting these thoughts.
    Someone once said to me that we should follow Christ with abandon, that whole-hearted, jump-in-feet-first kind of faith. Your sentence about “letting go of our plans and ideas and accepting God’s” really hits home with me. What an adventure, right?

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