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Invest Yourself, Brett Favre

I’ll start by admitting I am not a sports enthusiast. As for Brett Favre, I didn’t even know how to pronounce his name until he started retiring and un-retiring. The rumors flying around this week of another possible retirement got me thinking about when it’s time to move on in life.

Whether in sports, business, ministry, or family there comes a time when all leaders must make the decision if they are in it for themselves or if they want to contribute to a successful entity long past their life span. It’s called investing in the future.

Many times I’ve seen leaders who simply did not want to take a step back and begin transitioning and mentoring someone else to take the reins. All I’ve ever on Brett Favre is retire or quarterback. Aren’t there other options? Doesn’t he have tremendous knowledge and experience to teach up and coming quarterbacks? Is he not interested in playing that role?

One must ask the question, “why do I continue to do this?” Is it because I enjoy it, I would really miss it, No one else can do it as well as I can, I don’t know what else I’ll do, I’m afraid there won’t be anything else for me to do. Notice the common pronoun in all those statements – I. But it’s not about I, is it?

All those statements indicate either pride, selfishness, or fear; none of which please God. We must stop acting based on what we think is best for us personally and consider what is best for the organization be it a business, a church, a family, or a team. Coach, mentor, teach someone else all that God has allowed you to learn. Invest yourself in the future generations.


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