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Outlandish Promises

God can speak some outlandish things to us sometimes just like He did to Abram in Genesis 15. When God told Abram his offspring would be as numerous as the stars, it couldn’t have seemed more outlandish, yet verse 6 simply says Abram believed.

Sometimes a wild word from God is easier to believe at the time it is spoken, whether it’s a deep spiritual moment or just simple quiet time. But as life goes on and nothing happens, we begin to wonder if we conjured it all up in our mind. Was that God really speaking? Our faith flounders.

Other times we forget that all things are possible with God, and we don’t have to see all the pieces in place for the fulfillment of the “promise.” In Abram and Sarai’s case, they began to feel nothing was happening because they weren’t doing their part. God needed their help. So they took matters into their own hands and created a false fulfillment.

God does expect us to do our part, but He doesn’t need our help. Outlandish promises require outlandish faith. Don’t lose hope.


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2 thoughts on “Outlandish Promises

  1. So if the Bible says something that cannot be true, like the offspring and stars (That many people couldn’t fit on the earth) we assume we don’t understand the scripture and conjure a new explanation?

    To maintain the perception of inerrancy, some pretty straight forward verses have been twisted to fit the rest of the Bible. This is obvious to anyone who looks critically at the text and why I left church. I could accept errors or the explanation, that applied to that era, but others can’t and stick to cherry picking or extravagant justifications. bdrex

  2. i’m not sure i understand all your statement, but to clarify one thing – when God says abram’s offspring would be a numerous as the stars, He was referring to abram’s decendants, not just his specific children.

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