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What’s at the Root of Your Heart’s Desire?

Unfortunately the world wide web is ripe with Christians criticizing other Christians. I see most of it as rooted in well-meaning ideas, but then fingers get pointed without all the facts.

One person says Christians shouldn’t live in poverty while another condemns prosperity. These are extremes, and both sides take God’s word out of context. However, many Christian speakers and authors get taken out of context also.

The contrast of living your best (as in wealthiest) life now and selling all you have to give to the poor while you sit stoically in an ash heap is disturbing to say the least. No wonder we look so undesirable to the world.

Christians should be joyful and happy regardless of our net worth. It’s not about material possessions, be they few or many. You should want to live your best life now, because as a Christian you know your best life is what God has planned for you. We should seek God’s blessings so that we can bless others.

It is that joy of being in God’s will and living in obedience regardless of the circumstances of any particular point in our lives that attracts people to Christ and opens the door for us to share the Gospel. It’s what’s in our heart that makes the difference.


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