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Listening to The Spirit

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been participating in an online discussion of Mark Batterson’s book Wild Goose Chase. I have my favorite quotes and points highlighted in my Kindle, and as I was going back through them this morning this one struck me – again.

“Spiritual maturity has less to do with long-range visions than it does with moment-by-moment sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy spirit.”

This statement stands out with me because I’ve known older Christians in leadership positions who you would consider to be spiritually mature but seem to have little sensitivity to The Spirit. And yes, I’ve been guilty myself. It got me wondering about the difference between maturity and spiritual maturity.

Perhaps part of spiritual maturity is knowing how to maintain balance in your life to avoid busy-ness. It is so easy to lose our focus, get caught up in a vision, or just “doing the Lord’s work” that we don’t hear or sense what God really wants. Experience teaches us how to distinguish the Holy Spirit’s promptings. Focus insures we don’t miss those promptings.


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