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We Are Inspired to Revise Sometimes

Amazing Grace, First version, in "Olney H...

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Imagine three or four hundred years from now someone finds chord charts or lyrics of “Amazing Grace.” Then a debate ensues on Wikipedia as to the real author of the song – John Newton or Chris Tomlin.

We obviously know the answer, but several hundred years now it may get confusing for some. This example came to mind this morning while reading an article by Daniel Block on who wrote the Pentateuch.

It is quite common for people to use every nit-picky thing they can find in an attempt to discredit someone or something. Block concludes that just as God provided skilled and “filled” workers to assist in building the Tabernacle, so may he have inspired others to complete Moses’ writings.

My purpose here is not an attempt at apologetics, but rather to pose a thought that maybe to prove or disprove something is not always the most credible motive to have.


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