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Becoming an Evangelistic Church

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Churches often ask the question how can we grow, what do we need to do to reach more people. The answer is multi-faceted, but one thing sorely missing in many churches is the evidence of genuine worship.

Unfortunately we tend to under-estimate the power of our corporate worship time.  Many see it as a time to sing some songs and then complain if the songs aren’t like they prefer them.  David makes it clear in Psalm 40:3 that singing is power packed.

Rory Noland states in his book The Worshiping Artist, “Whenever Christ is lifted up, believers and unbelievers alike are drawn to him.”  There should be something for non-believers to feel, see, sense in our corporate worship time that draws others to Christ.  If there isn’t, that is perhaps the best place to start toward becoming an evangelistic church.


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