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God Uses Whom He Pleases

When you hear someone mention Samson your first thought may go back to childhood Sunday School lessons about the great strength he had all because he never cut his hair.  But as an adult an examination of Samson’s life proves quite interesting from a spiritual perspective.  Based on what we know from Judges 14-16, Samson was rarely obedient to God and had an overall tragic life.  He reminds me in a way of Solomon without the riches. 

Yet God used him to lead Israel for twenty years and invoke judgement on the Philistines.  The awesomeness of God’s power literally taking control of him through the explosion of great strength astounded even Samson.  Why else did he not tell his parents about killing the lion?  Perhaps, even though he knew his strength came from God, he was shocked and a little freightened at what he had done “in the Spirit.”

Still Samson’s actions appear to be mostly motivated by his own selfish desires.  He didn’t even realize when God’s power left him (Judges 16:20).


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