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Passing the Torch

Very few positive things can said about the Priest Eli during Samuel’s childhood.  But Chapter 3 of 1 Samuel shows us at least one thing he did right, even if it took three times.  God speaks to the young boy Samuel for the first time, and Eli mentors him through it.  Here’s what Matthew Henry has to say about the event.

“Though it was a disgrace to Eli, for God’s call to be directed to Samuel, yet he told him how to meet it. Thus the elder should do their utmost to assist and improve the younger that are rising up. Let us never fail to teach those who are coming after us, even such as will soon be preferred before us.”

Whether in the workplace, the church, or somewhere else, the time will come when God will send someone to take your place – even if you’ve been faithful and effective, unlike Eli.  Take Eli’s words in verse 18 and respond well.


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