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So Many Details

We arrived at church the other Sunday morning to find our ProPresenter projector producing blue-green tinted graphics.  Reds were basically invisible.  The band was having issues with a song as well.  The audio guy commented, “everybody take out your hymnals and turn to page…”

We all agreed it was a lot simpler back in those days, but none of us would want to go back to them.  Now, I’m very much an advocate for keeping things and life simple, but all in the context of making progress.  Simple doesn’t mean stagnant or doing the same old things over and over for years and years.  Progress is necessary and can be kept relatively simple when thought out, planned out, and executed with the latest available technology.

Details and planning are not new to society or the church.  Moses and Aaron had more instructions to follow than I ever want to have.  In Leviticus 10:19 Aaron is confused about whether he is doing things right.  This was probably only one of many times Aaron had to ask Moses for guidance. There were so many confusing rules to keep, such precise detail to follow.

All you have to do is look at creation to know God is a god of intricate detail.  He rarely if ever expects us to walk into his house not having planned and prepared to the best of our ability no matter how much or how little technology you use.


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