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Enjoy Today

sunny day

Image by flemming. d5100 via Flickr

I’m working on the deck again today.  I’ve gotten to do that a good bit lately thanks to the awesome weather.  It was on one of those days that I stopped in the middle of what I was working on, looked around and thought, this is so nice.  After having that thought a couple more times, it began to sink in with me just how blessed I am right now to have this opportunity.

Yes, I am unemployed. No, I have no prospects…at the moment.  But honestly I have been waiting for a time like this in my life for several years.  Freedom, flexibility, time to write, create, learn, and devote more time to my area of service at church.  It would be nice to get paid along the way, and in a way I guess I am (by the government), but I’ve decided to enjoy this time however long it lasts and not fret over the money stuff.  Because I was fretting a little, and I realized I was letting Satan rob me of enjoying the good things about this time.

I’m also able to take care of my family a little more than usual.  My daughter is a senior in high school and has a very busy schedule between advanced classes, preparing for college, and a part-time job.  So I have relieved her of most of her chores.  She still helps around the house, but as she has time.  I’m glad to be able to lighten the load a bit for her.

1 Corinthians 7:17 speaks to this a bit.  A powerful statement – “lead the life the Lord has assigned you.”  That assignment changes throughout our lives, but we should always lead it and not just struggle along, fretting and worrying and wishing we had something else.

Thank God for this day and enjoy it!


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