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Casually Polite

I watched the first episode of the new series Pan Am the other night. Originally I wasn’t interested in it until I read an interview with one of the Executive Producers, fact-checker, and former Pan Am employee Nancy Hult Ganis.

Ganis was a Pan American World Airways flight attendant from 1968 to 1976. Here is one of her most interesting comments.

Pan-Am flight attendant on airplane. Photo tak...

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“I think the hardest thing for younger writers to understand is how we spoke to each other back then — it was a lot more friendly. The speech and how one would carry themselves or the more polite and civil discourse and the courtesy — even if it was a facade — to educate a new generation about that has been the most difficult.”

I love our more casual society, but we have lost a few finer things along the way. Being more casual with each other means less manners and politeness. It’s more comfortable but less respectful. It’s easier but sometimes demeaning.

Once again moderation comes in to play. Perhaps we’ve pushed the line a little too far and gotten out of balance.


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