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Portable Payments

If you’re like me, you rarely carry cash any more, which at times can be inconvenient for both the buyer and the seller.  Wish your church could just swipe your credit or debit card for Supper Club or to purchase a DVD of a service or a T-shirt?  Wish your band could accept credit cards to sell CDs, T-shirts, etc.?  …Without the expense and hassle of credit card services?

Here’s your answer –  The Square Card Reader by Square Up allows you to receive credit card payments from anywhere via your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Just install the free app, plug the free card reader into your device’s audio jack and swipe. The only cost is 2.75% per swipe. No monthly fee. No contract.

I can imagine a whole host of independent contractors and organizations benefiting from The Square:  freelancers; performers selling their recordings, T-shirts, etc.; farmer’s market and flea market proprietors, small business owners.

In addition to the card reader, Square Up recently added the Register app that turns an iPad into a cash register.  No more investing in expensive equipment just to calculate and track sales.  It even keeps a record of your inventory.

Buyers simply sign with their finger, and the transactions are automatically deposited to the seller’s bank account.  And it’s all secure.

square signature

Customers can have receipts emailed or texted to them. Sellers can view sales reports from the recorded transactions.

As a church, we certainly don’t want to advocate credit card debt, but at the same time many could reap the benefits of the convenience of The Square.


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