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Pictures from the Rapture

Mashable posted this collection of photos of what the rapture would look like if Harold Camping is right this time.  Yes, today was another of his predictions of the return of Christ to take all believers to heaven.  (I actually wrote this earlier in the week in case you think I got left behind.)  Pretty funny.  You’ll notice one even answers the age-old question, do dogs go to heaven.

We’ve joked about this and Camping for several months now, but let us not forget, one day it really will happen.  It will catch us all by surprise, including Camping, even the funny pictures depict that.

Max Lucado describes it this way in his book God’s Story, Your Story.

The great Day will be a normal day.  People will drink coffee, endure traffic snarls, laugh at jokes, and take note of the weather.  Thousands of people will be born; thousands will die.

One day it will happen.  Will it be a good surprise or bad surprise for you?


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