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Finding Your Life Path

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Many of us can remember a time in this country when a person held one job throughout their adult life.  Loyalty to an employer was a common thing.

History was dramatically changed 150 years ago with the Industrial Revolution.  As machines did more of our work, we pocketed more money.  Every facet of our lives changed.  It was one of the most important turning points in human history.

Currently we find ourselves in the early stages of another major turning point.  Instead of us running the machines that do our labor for us, computers are running the machines.  So now our work shifts again to operating the computer.  But a well written program can handle that with very little intervention from us.

That shift in jobs and the developing global economy means many people’s jobs have disappeared.  People that thought those jobs would last a lifetime.  Many find themselves lost and wondering what they will do.  Others are pursing things they always wanted to do.  But in this rapidly changing world, how long will that last.  According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average young baby-boomer will have 10 different jobs throughout their lifetime.

It’s no longer about re-thinking a career.  It’s about re-thinking life.  What are you truly here on this earth for?  Yes, God has a specific plan for you as well as general plans that apply to all of us.  But God is more concerned with how you’re living than how you make a living.

Forget about mapping out a career path.  You may think you’re in a career now, but that can be over in the blink of an eye.  Make sure you are on the life path designed for you.  Focusing on your life path will be far more rewarding than any career goals.  You may rarely know what lies ahead, but that is part of the adventure.


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