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The New Traditional Church

The New Traditional ChurchI just finished reading Tony Morgan’s e-book, The New Traditional Church.  It’s a very thought-provoking read about how we do church.  He defines the new traditional church as those churches who made the change from traditional ways to contemporary several years ago but have now become the mainstream.  They have lost their freshness by getting stuck in continuing to do the same things.

They made the shift from hymns, choirs, and Sunday School to praise bands and small groups, but they’ve ceased to change since then.  Tony poses some interesting questions for evaluating discipleship methods, music, relationship building, etc.

What would happen if we asked people to spend less time at the church and more time being the church to those who need Jesus?

What would happen if we offered more tools to help people study the Bible on their own?

In every other area of our lives, people find their own friends.  But, for whatever reason, when it comes to church we think the church needs to find us a friend.

It’s a quick easy read, and you can pick it up for free on his website.


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