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Quotes From Secret Church

I had the pleasure of once again attending Secret Church this past Friday night.  If you are unfamiliar with Secret Church, it is six (or in this case seven) hours of intense Bible study on a particular topic led by David Platt simulcast around the world from the Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, AL.  This week I want to give you a few of the more profound quotes from the study.  The topic:  Marriage, Family, Sex, and The Gospel.

Quote #1

The idea of absolute, autonomous freedom from God’s boundaries flows into the idea of equality without distinction, which flows into the denial of what it truly means to be male and female, which flows into abortion and homosexuality, and the destruction of the home and the family, and ultimately the destruction of our culture. – Francis Schaeffer

Quote #2

The deepest divisions separating evangelicals in America these days are not differences over worship, or music, or church government, or free will, or divine sovereignty, or gifts of the Holy Spirit.  The deepest, most controversial matters dividing evangelicals in America these days are differences over sex. – Daniel Heimbach


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