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They’re Tearing Down My Old Office!

Old #1 MillParts of this building are well over a hundred years old.  My mother began her 45 year career here.  I began a 13 year stint here long after it was converted from manufacturing to offices and storage.  I’m sure my fingerprints are still plentiful underneath the dust and crumbling walls.  Sort of makes me wish I had written on a few of those walls – ANGELA WUZ HERE!

Well maybe not, but I have many fond memories of friendship and learning in this building.  It was here that I first learned to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  I also learned how to calculate the capacity of a secondary containment area, but I haven’t had much use for that knowledge lately.  I remember walking through the dark, deserted upstairs over creaking wood floors, rounding a corner and being scared half to death by a mannequin looming in the shadows.

Soon this building will be gone from the landscape of my hometown, existing only in our memories.  You might say our whole town started in this building, because the company founded here was what put our town on the map.  It fed and provided for many families for over a century, mine included.

Hopefully something new and pretty will replace it soon, but right now it is a symbol of a once strong and sturdy company now broken apart with anything of value being sold off.  All part of the sometimes ravaging changes of life.  The company like the building is only a shell of what it once was.  We thought it would last forever.  But only one thing lasts forever.


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