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Leisure Suits in Church

I remember the 70s and my Dad’s leisure suits.  He had a brown one, and green one, a rust-colored one, an off-white one, a black, a royal blue one, and at least one navy one.  And the wild-print shirts that went with them…humm.  It was all very fashionable back then; he was one sharp-looking guy.

But that was then and this is now.  One day the leisure suit may come back in style, as most things do eventually, but so far they are still quite laughable to look at.  So are some of our methods of doing church in an attempt to spread the gospel.

Tony Morgan speaks to this issue in his book, The Leisure Suit Trap.

Some churches are still wearing their leisure suits…Though they may have had a season where their kingdom impact was expanding, things have slowed down or started to decline. They know something has to change, but many times they’re unwilling to change.

Morgan explains these churches may be a hundred years old or merely a few years established.  They defining factor is they are stuck in methods that no longer work to reach the people around them.  Maybe the demographics are their area has changed or just society in general.  Instead of changing their methods to reach through these changes, they keep waiting for people to change and come back to them.

It doesn’t work that way with fashion, business, or church.  And our mission is much too important to be so stubborn.


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