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Having it Too Good

Do you ever wonder why God allows trials and difficulties to come upon his followers?  Most of us do at some point, and we determine the purpose to be to make us more like him or something along those lines.  A review of Solomon’s life and reign reveals another purpose – that having it too good can lead to no good.

Solomon starts out well.  He pleases God by his desire for knowledge to lead his people over a desire for wealth and fame, so God gives him great wisdom and wealth.  Solomon’s reign is peaceful and prosperous.  He is living on easy street.  But as tends to happen when things go well for an extended period, he gets bored.  He drifts into disobedience, occupied with keeping himself entertained, excited, and fulfilled.  Before you know it, he is worshiping idols and pagan gods.  Apparently there was one piece of wisdom God left for Solomon to learn on his on – nothing satisfies but God.

While none of us want problems in our lives, they do have a tendency to keep life challenging and, may I say, interesting.  Beware when everything is going great in your life, lest you fall.


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