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The Most Important Thing We Do

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Have you ever thought about what is the most important thing you do with your life?  If you’re a Christian, the answer is most likely telling others about Jesus, whether through your lifestyle, random and intentional encounters, or your area of service.  Since this is one of, if not the, most important thing you do with your life, you should probably take the time necessary to make sure you are prepared, especially for those known occasions that regularly come around.

If you teach a bible study class, you need to be prepared.  If you are a greeter or an usher, you need to be prepared.  If you are part of the worship team on stage or behind the scenes, you need to be prepared.  We know by now that Sunday comes around once a week, every week, week after week.  And we know our ultimate goal, regardless of our role, is to share the gospel.

Often times we forget how important what we do on Sunday is.  Oh we may say, of course it’s important, but our actions of preparation prove otherwise.  From arriving late to not knowing what we’re supposed to be doing when, we fumble through our duties as if we’re at home stretched out in the lazy boy pretending to watch TV.

Practice, rehearse, study, be alert, communicate, PRAY.  It is not about perfection.  It is about doing our best both before, during, and after.  It is about showing God and others that we value the opportunity and responsibility to share the gospel.


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