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What Are Electronic Reminders Doing to Our Brains?

Ok, so I finally got an iPhone, and I’ve been giving Siri a workout.  Everything I need to remember, I tell her, and she reminds me at the appropriate time.  I’ve used cell phone reminders before and actual notebooks on a regular basis.  The older I get, the more I have to use something, but I’m definitely seeing an increased level of use with Siri.

It all got me wondering if we are training our brains not to remember things because we have an electronic device with us at all times that will remind us.  I know the human brain evolves and transitions over time according to our general life style and how we use it.  Will it one day stop remembering people’s birthdays and when to take out the trash?  We will eventually have to tell Siri to remind us to take a bath?


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