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Geeks & Nerds, Do You Know the Difference?

Hand drawn image of a pocket protector by Thom...

Image via Wikipedia

While the labels are often used synonymously, there is a difference between the two.  Maybe a group of nerds decided to re-invent themselves and do a little PR to improve their image.  Many times a name change is required to pull that off.  And sometimes new packaging, so out goes the pocket protector and on goes the graphic T.

Apparently the term nerd came from Dr. Seuss, and the term geek got its beginning in the circus.  Well, not a lot of difference there.  But over time several distinguishing characteristics have developed between the two.  Take a look at this very informative infographic.

I personally like the geek persona.  I’m not really one myself, but I can do a pretty good impression, especially when I’m wearing my black rimmed glasses.


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