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It Takes More Than a Godly Leader

Listening to Christians discuss politics will sometimes lead one to believe that if we just had a Christian President and Congress everything would be alright. While it would certainly help, it takes more than that. A prime example can be found in the Old Testament account of King Josiah.

Josiah was one of only three kings throughout Old Testament history who was truly a godly man and leader. Yet for most of his 31 year reign, the people remained ungodly, continuing to worship idols and practice pagan rituals. There was improvement prior to Josiah’s death, but not enough to lift God’s wrath.

While Josiah was considered one of the best leaders God’s people ever had, the people were mostly unchanged. In this election year, we must remember that electing a godly President is not the sum answer. It will take more than that to change our country and move it back toward God. It will take each one of us committing to living godly lives every day.


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