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The Steve Jobs Biography – My Conclusions

After reading and pondering the life of Steve Jobs, I’ve reached a few conclusions that should speak to us all. It appears to me that Jobs’ entire life was a quest for inner peace. From his obsession with simple, Zen-like designs (of which I am very fond) to his deep involvement with Buddhism, he was constantly searching for tranquility.

He admitted his religion of choice did not bring him peace. So I believe his quest flowed over into every other part of his life. He steadfastly surrounded himself with simplicity even through his strange eating habits. His home, at least up until his marriage, was VERY sparsely furnished because he couldn’t find anything simple enough.

It was as if he was filled with a world of chaos of which he fought earnestly to rid himself. My first thought in response to this conclusion is the typical Christian response of “he was looking in all the wrong places.” And he was, but we don’t make the right place to look very evident or appealing sometimes.

While we are given a “peace that surpasses all understanding,” how often do we truly live that way? How do we respond to the chaos in our lives, external or internal? Does it direct others to the right source of peace?


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One thought on “The Steve Jobs Biography – My Conclusions

  1. Excellent conclusion!

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