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Where Personal Preferences in the Church Go Wrong

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I’ve written on several occasions about personal preferences in church and how they should not be completely set aside. They are what help shape a church’s personality. But they can definitely cause problems, and this article sent to me by a friend seems like a good example of personal preferences gone bad. The issue here is not that the author has preferences for his type of church, but that he implies all other types of churches are wrong or ineffective at best.

The author cites Willow Creek’s seek-sensitive movement as support for his preferences. I’ve written about seeker-sensitive programs as well, stating that true seekers will not be offended by symbols of Christianity. Removing organs, choirs, pulpits, etc. was not Willow’s problem. Their problem was shallow teaching for which they admitted.

What many fail to accept is times change, things change, methods change in the church just like everywhere else. Technology plays a big role in this, and there is no getting around it. Yes, the organ is the perfect instrument for choral singing, but choral singing is not the only way to sing praises. And the organ was certainly not welcomed by all when first introduced to the church. Classic hymns have also had their share of controversy. And the pulpit has its own story.

I really wish Christians would focus more on spreading the gospel than judging each others’ methods of spreading the gospel.


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