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One More Change in the Church Brought on by Technology

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From the time of David/Solomon and throughout history, God’s people have wanted to erect beautiful buildings to honor him. Paintings in the Sistine Chapel, ornate furnishings, colorful stained glass windows. Most of that has changed now. Cost certainly being a contributor, but technology has made it possible to accomplish some things at a much lower cost.

Take stained glass windows. Not only were they beautiful to look at, they also provided colorful lighting for the room as the sun shined through them. Nature tended to control the look of the room. Now churches use theatrical lighting and environmental projection to accomplish this.

I suppose there were people way back when that didn’t understand the purpose of stained glass windows just like some don’t understand spending money for lighting today. Chris Rouse’s article Stop complaining about the lights addresses that.

It’s still all about honoring God and facilitating heart-felt worship.

Don’t know what environmental projection is. Check out the gallery at



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One thought on “One More Change in the Church Brought on by Technology

  1. Thanks for including my post about stained glass and stage lights in your blog!

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