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How’s Your Hunger?

I recently finished Margaret Feinberg‘s Hungry for God and wanted to share some of my favorite quotes from it.

I’ve learned that God’s voice is the only entree that can nourish our ethereal cravings. Hearing and experiencing, rather than eating, assuages spiritual hunger.

The image of a whisper speaks to the posture of our relationship with God…the stillness of the whisper grabs his [Elijah’s] heart and brings him to a place where is able to receive God’s answer.

God often takes years to position us in the place he has in mind, rarely revealing the entire plan at one time.

Some have said that prayer doesn’t change God, but only changes us. Yet on several occasions in the Bible, God makes a concession based on a mere human request.

If we will listen for God’s voice in our prayers and study, if we wait for God to show up in unexpected moments and search for him in vibrant acts of love, we’ll find that God will begin fulfilling our hunger as we draw closer to him.

Even Jesus asks his own Father a rather scandalous question: whether someone else could drink his cup of impending death. The answer is no, but Jesus was bold enough to ask.

If you could ask God anything, what would you ask?

When we learn to wait well – not grasping for what isn’t ours or clutching to the past – our faith grows, and our ability to hear from God becomes more fine-tuned.

When all we hear is silence, sometimes God is trumpeting a message to others.

Sometimes love asks us to limit our freedom on behalf of someone else.

God can teach us just as much through a closed door as an open one.

I’m convinced that people today know a lot more about how to become a Christian than about how to be one.


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