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My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

Viral Highlights

I finished reading Leonard Sweet‘s new book Viral last week. A very good book overall for anyone in church communications, officially or unofficially. Here are some of my favorite quotes.

No one wants to go back to a landline life…except, it seems, the church.

If you’re not willing to move with it, the world will move without you.

Some Christians are so fixated on being theologically sound they are sound asleep to what God is doing.

Life wouldn’t be interesting if you didn’t feel out of place.

I like to define nostalgia as recalling the fun without remembering the pain.

Social networking has created a “culture” that breeds virality. And this virality could easily become the virtual petri dishes of Christian revival.

Being the biggest and best is not a missional strategy.

No missionary has a future in missions who is clueless of the culture they’re in.

We need both surface and depth, not the surface replacing the depths. There are surface currents and there are deeper currents of God. Both are valid and important.

Simple is hard.

Social media such at Twitter can be retooled as a discipleship tool.

The problem with some of the people who most strenuously defend the Bible’s honor is that they never really “read” it. Instead, they reference it.

The true enemy of faith is certainty.

Can you imagine doing ministry in the next five years and getting away with “Sorry, I don’t do Facebook”?

If I never encounter anyone who disagrees with me, I am far from living in a community.

A virus always begins in relationship.

The church must love and live its zip code.


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