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Generation Gaps

The Generation Gap

The Generation Gap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love 20-somethingers a lot, but there are a couple of things that really irk me – dependability and promptness. Of course they aren’t the only ones guilty of these atrocities, but it does seem to be much more common among the younger set.

Our worship team is made up of mostly 20-somethings, and last week I found myself overly stressing the importance of arriving on time Easter Sunday morning. We had two services that day instead of the usual one. We had an earlier call time than usual and much less preparation time before the first service. I felt I had to tell them (based on history) that being late was simply not an option this week.

Fortunately most of them were on time or early, and even the few that were late were less than five minutes tardy. Unfortunately that was enough to keep the band from getting to work through their full set.

It happens in the work place as well. A friend of mine has seen it first hand in trying to hire dependable, young employees. A lot of the issues are really just generational/cultural. Tom Searcy has two great articles over on with advice for the older and younger generations on how to better work together.

Technology plays a big role in our differences. Much of which Leonard Sweet deals with in his new book Viral. You can read more about it here and here and then, of course, pick up the book.


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2 thoughts on “Generation Gaps

  1. Steve Bulin on said:

    Your friend needs to hire someone who is dependable…someone who knows what it means to be at work on time…someone like….me…

  2. Angela on said:

    or me

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