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Maybe it’s a Woman Thing

I attended the local high school’s National Honor Society induction ceremony over the weekend. As each new member’s name was called it was accompanied by a list of their accomplishments as extracurricular activities to date. About half way through I began to notice a trend.

It seemed the girls, overall, were more involved in clubs, etc. than the guys. Kinda like in the church, I thought. It got me wondering if this weighted involvement is as much if not more of a woman thing than a spiritual thing (where the church is concerned).

Now I’m not saying guys don’t need to be more involved in church ministry and activities. But maybe all this has more to do with women feeling like we need to prove ourselves. That we can do it all. We certainly have control issues. I watched this play out in the corporate work place with management level women I quickly dubbed them as a bunch of over-achieving women trying to break the glass ceiling.

The flip side is, we end up neglecting the things and people that really matter. Not to mention killing ourselves in the process. A very good reason heart attack rates have increased for women and decreased for men about the same amount over the last decade or two.


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