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Simplifing the Simple with CloudOn

Cloud drawing

Cloud drawing (Photo credit: wlef70)

I ran across an iPad app a couple of weeks ago that looks like it may truly make simple even simpler. CloudOn was released several weeks ago and offers iPad users the ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint on the iPad.

But more than that, CloudOn brings together many of the top cloud storage applications into one place. It currently links to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. I’m hoping it will integrate Windows SkyDrive and Amazon Cloud at some point. If you aren’t familiar with these cloud storage applications, here’s a really good article that explains and compares them.

So far I’ve been impressed with CloudOn. I have files, mostly church related, stored in all of the above mentioned cloud apps, so the idea of bringing them all together in one place is a really nice idea. I’m beginning to wonder if I even need to keep the Box and Dropbox apps on my iPad. As far as Google Drive goes, they haven’t released and iOS app yet, so CloudOn is the only way to access those files other than through the iPad’s browser.


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