from my notebook

My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

The Pudge

I’ve been thin all my life. My first somewhat bout with weight gain came right after my marriage. Motivated by lack of money to buy more clothes, and yes vanity, I began a regular work out routine and good eating habits that have stayed with me over the last few decades. (Did I say that?)

Reluctantly though, I had to accept the slowing of metabolism that comes with middle age. The fact that with every decade there was going to be about five additional pounds that were going to be VERY difficult to get rid of. So I’ve begrudgingly learned to live with them.

Now comes a new realization – The Pudge. I’ve had one for a while, but it’s just become noticeable over the recent months. Understand I had major, exploratory surgery years ago straight down the middle of my abdomen, ripping all those ab muscles apart. That makes it even harder to prevent The Pudge. (At least that’s my excuse.)

Worse is that I like to wear my pants slightly low riding which now cuts right under The Pudge, accentuating it even more. And I’m kind of in the same boat as with that first battle right after getting married.

Oh dear, I really feel like an old woman. Not sure what I’m going to change this time, but I refuse to resort to Mom Jeans.

I can still hold it in when I’m thinking about it. It’s those relaxed moments when I look down or in the mirror that I hang my head in disappointment. Then a six-letter word (yes, six) comes to mind, ringing out over and over – VANITY, VANITY, ALL IS VANITY. “Yes, God, you’re right it is…but…but Solomon had plenty of money to buy new clothes…”


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