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To Everything There is a Season, Even a Black Screen

So I walked into rehearsal Thursday evening to find VBS decorations in full swing in the worship center. We are using the Sky theme this year, and as part of that, light blue fabric was covering all the windows. You might think covering windows with any color fabric would darken a room even if just a bit, but in the case of this light blue, the room was actually brighter.

The projector in our main room is less than 3000 lumens and doesn’t do a very good job cutting through our normal stage and room lighting. When we threw the first song lyrics on the screen with the background I had chosen earlier in the day, they were hard to read. There wasn’t enough contrast for good readability.

I looked at my daughter who was running ProPresenter and commented that we would have to find a darker background. But after a few seconds of contemplation I said, “You know what, let’s go without a background this week.” So I told her to go through all the songs and remove the backgrounds.

You see, the VBS decorations made for a busy environment. We didn’t need anything else, not even looping blue clouds, to add to it. The non-backgrounded lyrics sat there unobstructed for all to see, read, and sing.

Sometimes simplicity and quiet visuals are best.


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