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Why I Prefer Click Top Gel Pens

I may have been the pickiest person in the office about the type pen I used. Over the years I used many kinds to write my numbers and such, but eventually I locked onto click-top gel pens. I trained three different group Admins to keep me supplied with black and red ones.

When times got hard at the office, and the higher ups began dictating what type of writing utensils we could buy, the Admin brought me the remaining boxes of click-top gel pens from the supply room. (They took very good care of me.)

I was labeled as picky, but I have my reasons for my preference. First, the gel pens write easier and smoother. I can’t stand it when I can feel a pen dragging across the page because I’m having to pressure it to leave ink on the page.

I also find click-tops more efficient. It seems like wasted energy to me to take a top off and put it on the other end every time I want to write something. I can click the top and immediately start writing all with one hand.

Ok, so yeah I’m picky and not just about pens. Ask any member of my Tech Team. But I read somewhere that pickiness is a sign of genius, so…


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