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Tech Team Commitments

Church Tech Today posted a great article earlier this month by Bryan Brooks on 8 Essential Volunteer Commitments to Empower Your Tech Ministry. Here’s the short list. Read the full article for his explanations.

1 – Be Teachable

2 – Be Current

3 – Be faithful

4 – Be About Unity

5 – Be Able to Participate

6 – Be Available

7 – Be Responsible

8 – Be Responsive

These same things can be said about most service and ministry positions, but tech can be one those ministries where people may not know what they’re getting into until they’re into it.

I’m sure there have been times I haven’t adequately explained the duties and commitments either. Although I do always ask potential new members to sit in the tech booth a few weeks to observe. Each position has a duty list, and then there’s the rotation and rehearsal schedule.

Whether you’re a leader or a member, Bryan’s list is a good reminder of what you should be willing to do and give.


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