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Overconfidence in the Workplace


I’ve had several job interviews over the course of this year, and one of the most challenging aspects to me is selling myself. While I am a confident person, I’m just not very good at pitching myself. I would rather someone be pleasantly surprised with my abilities than disappointed, but that doesn’t work very well in the job hunt.

I want to be very honest with a potential employer about what I’ve done and haven’t done, while at the same time conveying my ability to learn what I currently don’t know how to do. I know people who are very good at getting jobs but not so good at keeping them because their talk well exceeds their performance. I find this type of person disturbing, but employers still seem to reward it with opportunities.

Forbes ran an article last week on why overconfident people and even jerks seem to get ahead. Apparently people in general are fascinated with them.

Perhaps it’s less the rudeness and corruption we admire, and more the ability to get away with it that intrigues us. Maybe we’re just a little smitten with the charisma of villainy.

My interpretation of that statement and overall study findings is our human, sinful nature seems to be in charge when it comes to picking teams and employees.



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One thought on “Overconfidence in the Workplace

  1. I am having the same difficult time as you. My experience and expertise are evident by looking at my resume…. I just can’t seem to get hired! Have had several 4-hour interviews as various companies. Cannot for the life of me figure out WHY I’m still unemployed.

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