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Worship Team Technology

The Worship Ministry is possibly one of the most technical ministries in the church. We are currently using four computers and the occasional iPad/iPhone during our services, not to mention the planning process itself.

Smart phones are becoming more and more useful. It isn’t a requirement to have one in order to serve on the Tech Team, band, or choir, but it sure helps.

We’ve been using Planning Center Online since almost its inception, and it has become more and more vital with each passing year. Not only are the two or three of us involved in the planning process better connected, but everyone involved in the service is able to see details of what is expected of them.

PCO has great mobile apps for the teams to listen to MP3s of the songs for the week. Our Worship Pastor also builds separate MP3s for the singers’ parts and creates his own song charts for the musicians. All of this allows the teams to prepare before rehearsal and be ready to bring it all together with the group.

PCO also integrates with your online calendar, text messaging carrier, and Facebook to keep your schedule at your finger tips.

We are blessed with great musicians, but there isn’t much depth, so when one or more is out, we used to be forced to go with a stripped down sound that week. Now we have a choice. We can run loops from a laptop on stage. Stripped down is fine, but it’s nice to have a choice, especially if those absences are last-minute after the set has been prepared.

Most people live busy schedules. The more technology can be used for communication and planning, the better. It may require an upfront effort to learn something new, but it will be time well spent.


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