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My head is full of thoughts, and I have to write them down.

Life Lesson: Heated seats don’t heat up until after you sit in them.

The last several vehicles I’ve had have had heated seats. It’s one of my requirements. One thing I’ve always noticed about them is, even when I crank my car and let it warm up, the heated seats are still cold. The heat can be blowing warm already, but nothing on the seats…until I sit in them. After that, they start heating up nicely.
I’ve often wondered why this is and have even researched it. I still don’t know the actual reason. I’ve read everything from a sensor in the seats, to idle voltage, or it just takes them longer to heat up. I just know no matter how long the car warms up, the seats don’t warm up until a few moments after I sit in them.
Why is this a life lesson? Much of life is like those heated car seats. Nothing effective happens until we sit down and take the wheel. What are you waiting on to start happening without taking the wheel?

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