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Life Lesson: if you don’t stay on top of messes, they will stay on top of you

18/365 - Messy Bed

There’s a lot to be said for organization and processes. It may sound boring, but it sure can save you some grief down the road and leave more time for fun stuff.

I had this thought one morning while straightening our bed covers. I say straightening because the only time I fully make up the bed is when I change the covers. This particular morning I was straightening my husband’s mess because I had moved to couch during the night. My husband could care less about what the bed looks like, and I don’t believe he would bother straightening it up even if all the covers where on the floor. Let’s just say he destroys the bed during sleep.

So I’m re-tucking sheets, etc. thinking, “you know when he’s gone and I sleep by myself, I barely have to do anything. I sleep in the middle and hardly disrupt the bedding. Then for some reason I thought about work and offices and messy desks versus neat ones. A government regulator had been in the office that week for an inspection and commented on how neat and organized we were compared to competitors.

I have long had a reputation for a neat desk. Some people said it was because I didn’t do anything, but we’ll dismiss that misnomer. I have hectic times when the desk gets cluttered, but at the first opportunity (sometimes you have to make those opportunities) the desk gets cleared and everything put in its place.

Do things neat and orderly every day, and you won’t have a mess to straighten out later. Once you get under a mess, you may get lost there.


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