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Life Lesson: Busyness Does Not Have to be Chaotic

There are some people who just walk into a room and chaos erupts. This tends to happen because of the way they approach life and/or business. Being organized, having a plan, methodology, and workflow goes a long way toward a smooth running day, office, life.

Of course this is also a personality thing.  Some people just aren’t organized. Some people try to please everyone. Some people don’t think realistically when making promises or commitments. Some people thrive on chaos. Not me.

I’m a huge realist. I shoot straight about what I can do and how long it typically takes. I’m not going to purposely mislead you or promise you something that I haven’t thought through just to win your favor or business. That’s how I prefer to be treated by others. Don’t book me in an appointment that is already double or triple booked. Don’t tell me you’ll be able to do something in a few minutes when historically it takes an hour or longer.

Busy is good. Chaos is not. They are not one in the same. One does not have to result from the other. Understand I’m not talking about stretching yourself, learning new things, and taking on new challenges. Those things are necessary for growth. But be honest about it.

Before you make your next commitment, consider realistically your capability to fulfill that commitment. Don’t over-obligate yourself, your team, or your family and end up sending the situation into a tailspin and stressing everybody out.



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