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24/7 News Channels Have Corrupted Quality of News Reporting

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With all the recent “Breaking News” stories so far this year, I’ve come to realize that competition is not always a good thing. When CNN began to broadcast as the first 24/7 news channel, it was wonderful to be able to catch up on  what was happening around the world whenever we wanted.


Now we have several big name news networks and lots of wannabes. Lots of competition. Lots of hours in the day to fill with programming. Lots of opinions filling our minds. What was once factual news reporting is now a sensationalized production to see who can get the most viewers. The line between entertainment and news reporting is becoming quite blurry.


Sure we get tons of information quicker than ever, more and more live as it happens. But how good is that info? How many people’s lives are affected negatively by erroneous reporting in the rush to be frist? How do we know what to believe? And perhaps most importantly, how are these sensationalized stories and so-called expert opinions being spouted off throughout the programming day shaping our country?


Is it political propaganda in its most modern (to date) form?



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