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Darlene Zschech – Not Afraid to Move On

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It was announced this week that world-renowned worship leader Darlene Zschech is leaving Hillsong Church. You can read more about that here.

For many years Zschech has served faithfully at Hillsong. Her impact there and thus around the world has been phenomenal. A whole league of worship leaders has risen up during her ministry. Rather than being threatened by the up and coming young worship leaders there, she invested in them and trained them up to lead the next generations.

Her success has no doubt put her in a very comfortable position. Some would relax in that and keep doing the same thing until retirement. But God doesn’t usually leave his people in comfortable situations, and there is no such thing as retiring in ministry.

I have gained an even greater respect for Zschech as she ventures out into a new and challenging ministry. One can only imagine the impact she will continue to have for the Kingdom.

Are you still doing the same thing you were doing ten or twenty years ago? Maybe God has a new challenge for you.

Revolutionary Quote

“It just takes one excellent worshiper to break rank to give everyone else permission to do the same.” – Darlene Zschech, Extravagant Worship

A Result of True Worship

“True worship fills you with joy despite what circumstances are going on around us. Joy is a natural result of spending time in the presence of the Lord.” – Darlene Zschech, Extravagant Worship

Do you have joy?

Revolutionary Quote

A worshiping church attracts worshiping people. – Darlene Zschech, “Extravagant Worship”

The Declaration of Praise

“Praise is a declaration, a victory cry, proclaiming faith to stand firm in the place God has given you. Praise declares that you will not be moved by the enemy’s attempt to snatch you away. Praise takes you into the presence of God where the enemy has no choice but to flee. To mindlessly go through the motions of praising God without purposefully entering His gates with the grandest of thanksgiving is like holding a grenade without ever taking out the pin. To reduce ‘earth-shattering victory cries’ to this much sadden God’s heart as He patiently waits again for us to walk in the power of His promises.”Darlene Zschech, Extravagant Worship

Revolutionary Quote

There are always people who make a choice not to enter into the corporate act of worship. In the middle of the incredible presence of God, they stop short of entering in because they lack obedience to His invitation to come into His presence. They fold their arms, lock up on the inside, and basically say, “I will not worship God.” – Darlene Zschech “Extravagant Worship”

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