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Life Lesson: Heated seats don’t heat up until after you sit in them.

The last several vehicles I’ve had have had heated seats. It’s one of my requirements. One thing I’ve always noticed about them is, even when I crank my car and let it warm up, the heated seats are still cold. The heat can be blowing warm already, but nothing on the seats…until I sit in them. After that, they start heating up nicely.
I’ve often wondered why this is and have even researched it. I still don’t know the actual reason. I’ve read everything from a sensor in the seats, to idle voltage, or it just takes them longer to heat up. I just know no matter how long the car warms up, the seats don’t warm up until a few moments after I sit in them.
Why is this a life lesson? Much of life is like those heated car seats. Nothing effective happens until we sit down and take the wheel. What are you waiting on to start happening without taking the wheel?

Life lesson:

Life lesson: A red flashing light never changes.

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Defining Waste

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being wasteful is a personal thing. Most of us have been guilty of it more often than we’re willing to admit. But it is a personal thing. What is extravagant for one person is necessary for another. Of course we all have our definitions of what is necessary too.

It’s understood that even the average American is wealthy when compared to the population of the world at large.

I read an article recently about Martha Stewart’s three iPads, two Blackberrys, one iPhone, and two Cannon cameras. It seems ridiculous when you read it. She carries an iPhone just to take pictures? That may or may not be totally accurate, and she may actually need all eight of those electronic devices.

It’s probably not a bad idea for all of us to take inventory of our stuff from time to time, and instead of coming up with our own definition of waste or excess, ask God to define it for us.

What I’d like to know, is what kind of bag does Martha Stewart carry all that in?

Overconfidence in the Workplace


I’ve had several job interviews over the course of this year, and one of the most challenging aspects to me is selling myself. While I am a confident person, I’m just not very good at pitching myself. I would rather someone be pleasantly surprised with my abilities than disappointed, but that doesn’t work very well in the job hunt.

I want to be very honest with a potential employer about what I’ve done and haven’t done, while at the same time conveying my ability to learn what I currently don’t know how to do. I know people who are very good at getting jobs but not so good at keeping them because their talk well exceeds their performance. I find this type of person disturbing, but employers still seem to reward it with opportunities.

Forbes ran an article last week on why overconfident people and even jerks seem to get ahead. Apparently people in general are fascinated with them.

Perhaps it’s less the rudeness and corruption we admire, and more the ability to get away with it that intrigues us. Maybe we’re just a little smitten with the charisma of villainy.

My interpretation of that statement and overall study findings is our human, sinful nature seems to be in charge when it comes to picking teams and employees.


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Why I Prefer Click Top Gel Pens

I may have been the pickiest person in the office about the type pen I used. Over the years I used many kinds to write my numbers and such, but eventually I locked onto click-top gel pens. I trained three different group Admins to keep me supplied with black and red ones.

When times got hard at the office, and the higher ups began dictating what type of writing utensils we could buy, the Admin brought me the remaining boxes of click-top gel pens from the supply room. (They took very good care of me.)

I was labeled as picky, but I have my reasons for my preference. First, the gel pens write easier and smoother. I can’t stand it when I can feel a pen dragging across the page because I’m having to pressure it to leave ink on the page.

I also find click-tops more efficient. It seems like wasted energy to me to take a top off and put it on the other end every time I want to write something. I can click the top and immediately start writing all with one hand.

Ok, so yeah I’m picky and not just about pens. Ask any member of my Tech Team. But I read somewhere that pickiness is a sign of genius, so…

Out of Focus Ramblings

I love the freedom of structuring my days however I choose. Freedom and structure may not seem to go together very well, but that’s just me. No matter how much freedom I tend to have, there almost always ends up being structure to my routine.

I’ve found I waste time if I don’t have structure. I’m not as productive and end up feeling like I haven’t accomplished much of anything. Lest I give you the wrong idea, I “structure” in down time, usually around the same times every day. So I take advantage of my freedom to structure.

My problem is I struggle with what to fill the work times with. I have plenty to do. I just don’t know where to focus my attention and energy. I have projects and things I want or need to do, but I don’t know where to start. Perhaps it’s a common quandary with the unemployed or self-employed with not enough paying work on the list yet.

I’ve narrowed it down to two options: focus on preparing myself for what God has next for me, or focus on doing something to make money. It would be nice if both things choices were the same thing. But I don’t know what God has next for me, and he isn’t offering any hints. Focusing on making money seems like a no brainer, but there’s only so much one can do toward that that doesn’t interfere with the first option, assuming I could acquire a job outside of God’s will just to make money.

I may be making this all more difficult and confusing than it should be, but I suppose God has me in this unfocused place for a reason. Now if I just knew what that was, so I could get past it…

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