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We Need to Work Smarter, Not Harder

We Need to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Somerhing I’ve been preaching for years. Give it a try.

Church Growing Pains

Church Growing Pains

This article pretty much sums up everything our churches are doing wrong.

Sync Christmas 2012 – Church Technical Leaders

Hurry and check this out Church Techies.

Sync Christmas 2012 – Church Technical Leaders.

Political Alarmists

The truth is more effective when left in its ‘truthful” state and not exaggerated. This sort of puts the alarmists in perspective.

Weekly Link-Up

Here are some of my favorite links from this week.

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Interactive Visual Worship

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God Uses Whom He Pleases

When you hear someone mention Samson your first thought may go back to childhood Sunday School lessons about the great strength he had all because he never cut his hair.  But as an adult an examination of Samson’s life proves quite interesting from a spiritual perspective.  Based on what we know from Judges 14-16, Samson was rarely obedient to God and had an overall tragic life.  He reminds me in a way of Solomon without the riches. 

Yet God used him to lead Israel for twenty years and invoke judgement on the Philistines.  The awesomeness of God’s power literally taking control of him through the explosion of great strength astounded even Samson.  Why else did he not tell his parents about killing the lion?  Perhaps, even though he knew his strength came from God, he was shocked and a little freightened at what he had done “in the Spirit.”

Still Samson’s actions appear to be mostly motivated by his own selfish desires.  He didn’t even realize when God’s power left him (Judges 16:20).

Giving til it Hurts

What does give til it hurts mean? Aren’t we supposed to be cheerful givers? Is it possible to hurt and be cheerful at the same time?

Lots of questions to consider. There’s no doubt we should be sacrificial in our giving, but sacrificial and hurting don’t have to be synonymous. Sacrificial means we are sacrificing the purchase of something else in order to give to God. That sacrifice should make us happy, fulfilled, and cheerful.

How do you feel when you give?

You Need to be Skilled and Filled

Why do you think God gave Moses all those specific instructions throughout the book of Exodus for building the tent of meeting, the ark, the mercy seat, and all the furnishings and then told him he had gifted specific people to perform the work? All the design and engineering work had been done by God.

This was part of the worship arts of the time. Skill was necessary to carry out God’s instructions, but being filled with the Spirit of God for the task was also necessary. What difference does that make? Are the “artisans” in your church filled as well as skilled?

Giving it to God

Just some thoughts that have been going through my mind lately. Does giving something to God sometimes mean you just stop praying about it? Is continuing to pray fervently about a matter or a person sometimes an indication of fear and worry; not really trusting God to take care of things?

I’ve realized for me that the more I pray about something, the more it is on my mind and thus, the more the situation stresses me. So to really turn loose and “give it to God,” I have to take a break from the fervent prayers. What do you think?

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