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Life Lesson: If It Ain’t Broke, You Can Still Make It Better

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The old adage, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” bears a lot of truth, but we shouldn’t use it to remain in the status quo. Just because something is still working doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon – made more efficient, more durable, more economical, or more interesting. It’s the only way to stay on top and ahead of the game.


I’m not advocating change for the sake of change…but then again I am in some situations. Take a church service for example. It’s probably the most predictable program format ever. While one church may slightly differ from another, it’s very easy to get stuck in a routine week after week. That goes for our daily lives too.


At the very least, change can bring an element of freshness to anything that has become routine. This is even more important today with our easily bored culture. So don’t wait til it breaks.



Do Things Change Too Much?

I’ve written a good bit here about change, both its inevitability and necessity. Most of the time I deal with it pretty well. Sometimes I even crave it because I hate being in a rut. But I also won’t deny there are times  when change bugs me.

Technology is one of those things that constantly changes. It pretty much has to to keep up with everyone else. I have long given up having the latest and greatest gadgets, software, and such. You have to be pretty dog gone rich to keep up. I read a couple of interesting articles this week that address this very thing from two different angles.

Maybe tech needs less ch-ch-ch-change? and Here’s Why Google and Facebook Might Completely Disappear in the Next 5 Years.  What do you think? Are you trying to keep up?

The New Wave of Channel Surfing

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Over the last couple of years my husband and I have swapped up being unemployed. We began cutting expenses every where we could. One of those was with cable TV. After some research, I bought a Roku box, upped our internet plan speed and dumped all but local cable channels.

I don’t consider myself much of a channel surfer. I generally know what I want to watch and turn right there. My husband, on the other hand, is quite the surfer dude. I think he could sit in his recliner and flip through the same 60 or so channels over and over and over again, never really watching anything.

Now he only has about 15 channels to surf and doesn’t know what to do with himself. Switching over to Roku isn’t quite the same. Instead of shows in progress, we’re surfing through possible shows to watch. Theoretically we have to actually decide to watch something before seeing anything. It is definitely an adjustment, and more so than I expected.

I’m not complaining. I realize this type of viewing on demand is most likely the future of TV. We may as well get used to it and shift our brain’s concept of channel surfing. I’m not so sure my husband is ready to make that shift, but everything changes eventually, even the most laziest of pass times.

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