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Waiting Can End Quickly

No doubt we all wait from time to time. Maybe a lot of the time. I find myself waiting on God…waiting…waiting. It’s easy to lose heart and have our faith challenged. And while many times God is actually waiting on us, there are situations where other things simply haven’t fallen in to place yet. The time is not right for God to act.

Isaiah chapter 60 is about Christ’s return and the very last sentence is the kicker. Verse 22b says, “I will accomplish it quickly in its time.” Even though it may seem like something is taking forever and the waiting endless, and you simply can’t see how things will ever come together, remember this verse. When it’s time, God can make things happen so quickly it may make your head spin.



Just Wait

Isaiah 40:31 is a familiar scripture, but like many familiar Bible passages, we may recite it to others, but we fail to grasp it ourselves.

Many times we try to rush life. We are either wanting to hurry up and achieve our goals and dreams or hurry up and get thru some difficulty or storm. As a result we end up wearing ourselves out.

It’s hard to wait. I much more patient than I used to be, but I still struggle with waiting on the things I want most.

God makes us wait in order to properly prepare us. When we try to achieve goals, both business and personal, too soon, we make everything more difficult. Business goals not where you want them to be? Just wait. Dreams not coming together? Just wait.

Trials, Waiting, and Faith

We wish the good times would last forever and trials to never come, but if they do, they would pass quickly. We know real life doesn’t work that way, yet it is one of the hardest things to deal with. These words from another era still ring true.

It is well when our troubles drive us to our knees. But does it not reprove our unbelief? How unwilling are we to rest on the declaration of Jehovah! How desirous to know in what way he will save us! How impatient when relief is delayed! But we must wait for the fulfilling of his word. Lord, help our unbelief. – Matthew Henry

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